WATCH: Emma Roddick takes aim at ‘green lairds’

Highlands and Islands MSP Emma Roddick today spoke out against big businesses purchasing land to offset their carbon emissions, who she claims “lack self-awareness”, while pointing out the need for further land reform in Scotland. She also raised the need for those proposing “rewilding” projects to understand the social context of why the Highlands areContinue reading “WATCH: Emma Roddick takes aim at ‘green lairds’”

Dundreggan Rewilding Centre “fantastic idea” says Emma Roddick

Highlands and Islands MSP Emma Roddick has visited Dundreggan Rewilding Centre, developed by Trees for Life, to discuss the work they do, and their plans to make the forest more accessible to the public. Rewilding is the practice of restoring natural ecosystems to Scotland, by planting native trees and greenery – and encouraging wildlife toContinue reading “Dundreggan Rewilding Centre “fantastic idea” says Emma Roddick”