Highlands and Islands MSP Emma Roddick has lodged a motion in Parliament highlighting a report by Engender which sets out the extent of workplace sexual harassment experienced by women in Scotland.

The motion has already garnered cross-party support, with SNP, Labour, Conservative and Green MSPs all signing their name to it.

Emma said:

“More needs to be done across the board to tackle sexual harassment, but employers in particular need to recognise that it is unacceptable for their female employees to be subject to it just for turning up to work.

“As a society, I think we are developing a better understanding of what counts as sexual harassment, but action against it hasn’t quite caught up yet.  Men still appear to have impunity when it comes to tackling their abusive behaviour, and that needs to stop.

“Enough is enough, and this report by Engender will provide an important foundation for the Scottish Government and stakeholders when considering their next steps in making workplaces in Scotland a safer place for women.  Peers, particularly male peers, should be calling this behaviour out, and employers must make sure that it is not tolerated under their watch.”