Highlands and Islands MSP Emma Roddick has brought the Scottish Parliament’s Social Justice and Social Security Committee virtually to Shetland, to share Anchor’s work in the isles.

Visiting the organisation last year, the SNP MSP said that organisations across Scotland could “learn a lot” from their approach.  Following this, she recommended the group to the committee as witnesses for an inquiry into debt and low income.

She said:

“I am so glad that my fellow committee members got the chance to hear directly from Anchor about the work they are doing around early intervention.  It is vital that best practice can be shared so that we truly get things right for every child.

“I was delighted that the organisation could speak with us and give evidence on a wide range of issues, contributing to our inquiry into low income and debt.  Not only is this important in terms of hearing what’s already being done, but it is also valuable for my colleagues on the mainland to get to hear about the specific considerations needed to best serve rural and island communities.”