Meetings with Organisations – Winter 2021/22

When groups lobby MSPs, Ministers, Civil Servants, Special Advisers or Law Officers, they should submit a return to the Lobbying Register. Entries can be searched at:

However, many meetings do not meet the criteria for lobbying, and MSPs cannot submit their own entries, meaning their Lobbying Register may seem incomplete.

Due to the restrictions implemented in response to the Omicron variant of COVID-19, many of my meetings had to be postponed. However, I have compiled a list of organisations I met during this period for transparency.

In the interest of simplicity and privacy for those seeking assistance, I have not included: meetings with colleagues; meetings with individual constituents; surgeries; party business; interviews, such as with journalists; Cross-Party Groups; meetings which I would normally have undertaken as a councillor, such as public committee meetings or group meetings; or Parliamentary Business undertaken such as taking part in debates, question times, and committee work.

NHS Highland – I met with a representative from NHS Highland to discuss issues around post-diagnosis support for those with personality disorders.

The Woodland Trust – I visited Migdale and Ledmore woods to meet with the Woodland Trust and discuss their plans to introduce capercaillie to the area and discuss other issues important to the organisation.

Vivid Roots – I met with the group after submitting a motion to the Scottish Parliament celebrating their efforts to promote the arts in the Highlands.

Scottish Youth Parliament – I met one of the region’s MSYPs to discuss issues important to them.

Serco – I discussed transport in the region amongst other issues at an event hosted by Serco.

Trees for Life – I met with a representative of the organisation to discuss their past projects and plans for rewilding in the Highlands amongst other related issues.

Faces and Voices of Recovery – I discussed drug policy in Scotland with a representative from the group and local councillor Karl Rosie.

Ice Factor – I met workers at Ice Factor in Kinlochleven alongside Sarah Fanet to discuss issues of importance to them.

Engender/Inclusion – I took part in a panel event organised by Engender and Inclusion on diversity in politics.

LGBT Youth – I met with representatives from the organisation to discuss current national policy, their aims, and how I can help young LGBTQI+ people as an MSP.

Poverty Alliance – I met with the organisation to discuss current issues, particularly those related to the work of the Social Justice and Social Security Committee.

Inverness Women’s Aid – I met with the manager of IWA to discuss the 16 Days of Activism, the current work of the organisation, and to ask how I can support them moving forward.

Engender – I met with Engender to discuss the 16 Days of Activism, street harassment, recent Law Society recommendations, and other issues of importance.

Green Hive – I visited Green Hive in Nairn to talk about their projects and outreach work as well as their plans for the future, including around e-bikes for hire.

Nairn CAB – I met with Nairn CAB to talk about current pressures and discuss concerns around national policy relating to welfare and food banks.

Dr Grays and Campaigners – Alongside the Cabinet Secretary for Health and other representatives, I met with service users and campaigners to discuss options for maternity services in Moray.

Living Rent Highlands and Islands – I met with a representative of the group to discuss my efforts to retain overprovision powers in the forthcoming Short-Term Lets Licensing Order and shared with them a response from the Cabinet Secretary for Housing committing to revisiting the possibility in 2023.

HTSI – I attended the HTSI Poverty Action Network meeting and discussed food banks, poverty, and other issues.

ICTFC – I met with the CEO to discuss concerns around accessibility at the stadium.

Cairn Housing – I met with the Chief Executive to discuss current developments in the Highlands, pressures, and plans for the future.

The Highland Council – I met with the Leader of the Council to discuss issues important to the region.

COPFS – I met with representatives to discuss many issues around justice in the region, including the retention of some virtual options introduced over the pandemic.

Caledonian Sleeper – I met the Managing Director of the service to discuss her plans, including how to benefit the local community.