Highlands & Islands MSP praises support offered by Inverness-based Oxygen Works

Highlands & Islands MSP Emma Roddick recently paid her second visit to Inverness-based charity Oxygen Works. The charity offers oxygen therapy through a range of techniques to those with various health conditions across the Highlands & Islands.

Ms Roddick praised the charity’s wide range of services, saying it was fantastic to see such innovative support offered in her region.

She said:

“Back in December, I had a brilliant time with the team at the Oxygen Works, chatting to the staff about all the different kinds of support they offer, from physiotherapy to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I even had a go on their anti-gravity treadmill which was an incredible experience.

“After my visit, I knew I’d have to come back. I booked in for the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which involves breathing increased levels of oxygen at higher atmospheric pressure to promote accelerated healing in the body.

“As someone who has struggled with a chronic illness, it is wonderful to see such innovative support being offered to people across the Highlands and Islands. 

“I’d like to thank the team at the Oxygen Works for having me in again and for all the incredible work they continue to do.”