Emma Roddick MSP slams the Labour Party for endorsing the Tories’ reckless Brexit

MSP for the Highlands & Islands Emma Roddick has called out the Labour Party for cosying up with the Tories and their Brexit obsession. Ms Roddick stated that the party had failed to act as an effective opposition to the Tory Government, with no plans to redirect the UK from its disastrous Brexit path.

Ms Roddick’s comments come following a series of statements from Labour leader, Keir Starmer, in which he has laid out the party’s plans to ‘Make Brexit Work’ and denied that re-joining the EU single market would boost the UK’s economy.

She said:

“Whilst Scotland continues to face the devastating impacts of a Brexit it did not vote for, the Labour Party is simply sitting back. By refusing to fully recognise the damage being done at the hands of the Tories’ Brexit obsession, the Labour party is failing Scotland.

“It is now expected that UK GDP will be 4% lower in the long run as a direct result of Brexit, and the Labour party is showing no signs of challenging this.

“The Scottish Government’s Building a New Scotland papers have so far set out clearly what Brexit has done and will continue to do to Scotland, but they also set out an alternative path. Only with the full powers of independence will Scotland be able to escape this dangerous Tory-Labour alliance and reach its full economic potential.”