“Labour and Tories in absolute lockstep,” SNP MSP Emma Roddick say both the UK Government and their opposition are ignoring Scotland’s needs.

Highlands and Islands MSP Emma Roddick has called out Labour and the Tories for ignoring Scotland’s immigration needs.

Questioning the Scottish Government on the effects of increased inflation on Scotland’s public services, Ms Roddick highlighted the value of those coming to live and work in Scotland, stating the need for more powers to deliver a welcoming system of migration.

Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, stated that whilst the Scottish Government were developing schemes such as the Rural Visa pilot, a fuller range of powers were required to fully address the negative effects of the UK Government’s migration stance.

Ms Roddick said:

“Many of Scotland’s public services are still recovering from the pandemic. Increasing inflation, matched with the impact of a disastrous Brexit, is making that recovery all the tougher.

“People coming to live and work in Scotland are vital for our public services and should be welcomed with open arms, yet the Labour and the Tories are in absolute lockstep with each other as they continue to ignore Scotland’s needs.

“With independence, Scotland will have the powers it needs to ensure an open and welcoming system of migration – one that supports our public sector, ensures we can fully recover from the pandemic, and allows us to deliver the standard of services that people in Scotland deserve.”