“A real demonstration of the type of government we have here in Scotland” Emma Roddick, MSP for the Highlands & Islands, welcomes news that winter child payment is to be doubled

Highlands & Islands MSP, Emma Roddick has welcomed the SNP’s announcement that support for children over the winter is to be doubled.

During her speech at the SNP’s annual party conference, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that from November the Scottish Child Payment would be increased to £25 a week and payments to those who don’t qualify for the Child Payment would be doubled from £130 to £260 on the run up to Christmas.

Commenting on the news, Ms Roddick said:

“I am so pleased to see the Government increasing these payments. This will be such welcomed news for so many families across the Highlands & Islands and the rest of Scotland heading into winter. These increases will alleviate some of the pressures this winter and help put food on the table at Christmas.

“At a time where UK Government decisions are set to leave so many in Scotland struggling this winter, these increases solidify the Scottish Government’s commitment to its people.

“We are already seeing the benefits of Scotland’s compassionate approach to social security and have heard how processes are no longer degrading and belittling. This week’s news further illustrates the direction that Scotland is heading, a direction that prioritises fairness, compassion, and respect.”