Emma Roddick welcomes Scottish Government rejection of tax cuts for richest

Emma speaking in Scottish Parliament 29-09-2022

Emma Roddick MSP has welcomed today the Scottish Government rejecting the approach taken by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in delivering tax cuts aimed overwhelmingly at the richest in society. In a question to the Scottish Government regarding the Chancellor’s mini budget, Ms Roddick highlighted the view of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation that the announcement had “wilfully ignored families struggling through a cost of living emergency” and pressed the Deputy First Minister, John Swinney MSP, to reject the Chancellor’s approach.

She said:

“I very much welcome the confirmation from the Deputy First Minister that the Scottish Government will not follow the UK Government’s reckless and immoral example by cutting the taxes of the ultra-wealthy. Across the Highlands and Islands, and indeed all of Scotland, families are facing very real and difficult decisions about how they are going to heat their homes and provide for themselves this winter. For the Chancellor to respond to this situation by giving the wealthiest an enormous tax cut beggars belief.

“I am reassured that the Scottish Government has ruled out copying the Chancellor’s fantasy trickle-down economics and will instead focus on supporting families, public services and the economy. The UK Government has made it clear that its priority is not struggling families but ensuring that bankers can earn even more. I am glad that the Scottish Government is doing what it can to protect those struggling with the cost of living crisis.”