MSP for the Highlands & Islands Emma Roddick has spoken out about the proposed merger of UHI North Highland, UHI Hebrides, and UHI West Highland, and urged constituents to engage with the ten-week public consultation which launched on the 8th of August.

The proposal, which sees these three strands of the University of the Highlands and Islands merged in a new single college of scale, aims to build on the expertise of the current colleges, ensuring a more sustainable and resilient future. The University has emphasised that the merger will provide better opportunities for staff, enhance the local curriculum offered and the capacity for engagement and partnership, and provide a stronger financial future.

Speaking about the proposal, Roddick said:

“The UHI merger presents a really exciting opportunity for the Highlands. In bringing together the resources and expertise of the three branches, the new set up will strengthen and enhance the opportunities for those studying, researching, and working in the Highlands and Islands.

“It is great to see UHI engaging with those in the Highlands and Islands and providing both online and in-person information events where they can find out more details about the merger. I would really encourage folk to make use of these resources and feed in their opinion on this big opportunity.”

Information events can be found here: https://rural-islands-merger.uhi.ac.uk/consultation-events/?fbclid=IwAR2TTW-ma-XnOk1rh0x2U1vO48xrsOnzNKHHYsw0I61DNFLVlbi_fE9TS8M

Have your say here: https://rural-islands-merger.uhi.ac.uk/have-your-say/?fbclid=IwAR0QzUa-KQP-F6cztDQMRWt3sf4CXgZXfOS23dVsSV0mCQvld0tTwTmVbXU