Highlands & Islands MSP meets with local mental health charity

Emma selfie on a bridge, smiling in dark blue coat with patterned light blue shirt.  Large brown earrings.  River in background.  Emma is a white woman with shoulder length brown hair.
Selfie of Emma in Skye

As part of her busy summer recess schedule, Emma Roddick MSP recently visited the Skye and Lochalsh Mental Health Association. Established in 1992, the charity supports members with their health, social, practical, and emotional needs.

The charity offers drop-in sessions as well as outreach support and door-to-door visits, covering the needs of all individuals. The Mental Health Association also currently runs a furniture project, picking up and receiving donations of good quality furniture that is then passed on to those in need.

Speaking on her visit, Roddick said:

“The work that Skye and Lochalsh Mental Health Association have been doing for thirty years now is so incredibly important, especially in those areas where folk can feel isolated and cut off from many services.

“It is so great to see the charity not only offering outreach support but also more casual drop-in sessions too. This hopefully means that all those in need feel they can come forward for support in one way or another.

“I would definitely encourage anyone who needs some support or is feeling lonely to reach out to them, and anyone who has some spare time to support their work to check them out and volunteer.”