Emma Roddick MSP visits ‘life saving’ mental health service

As part of her summer recess tour, Emma Roddick recently visited the Distress Brief Intervention in Inverness. Emerging from the Scottish Government’s work on the Suicide Prevention and Mental Health strategies, the Distress Brief Intervention approach works to improve the response to people presenting in distress.

Speaking on her visit Roddick said:

“It’s clear that DBI is filling a gap in crisis services, something I’ve shouted about for a long time.

“From folk saying the service has saved their life after just one appointment, to a former client now working there to help others, the work they do at DBI really is inspiring.

“As someone who has struggled to interact with mental health services in the past, it was so encouraging to hear about how they are working to challenge assumptions about who needs support and what that support should look like.

“We all have mental health, and when someone needs support, it won’t always look the same as what everyone else needs. Whether you’re in work, out of work, have comorbidities, are suffering stigma, or “look well”, there is no wrong way to be depressed.”