Highlands and Islands Cost-of-Living Survey: Emma Roddick MSP shares results

As the Tory Cost of Living Crisis is having devastating consequences across the Highlands and Islands, Emma Roddick MSP put out a cost-of-living survey to better understand how this is affecting constituents. Results from the survey highlighted significant worry and anxiety about rising costs amongst those in the region, with 93% of respondents saying they felt ‘extremely worried’ and 82% expressing they have already reached out for help or are considering doing so.

When asked about the rising cost of energy bills specifically, a staggering 98% indicated that they felt ‘extremely worried’ about the increased cost of their bills, with 74% of respondents indicating that the cost-of-living crisis had affected their mental health significantly.

Roddick expressed concern at these statistics, commenting that “In the survey, constituents have shared about the unrelenting stress of trying to make ends meet. Many have said they literally don’t know how they’re going to manage and that they are going to desperate measures of skipping meals just to be able to feed their children.

“Mental health is already a prevalent concern for Scotland, but especially for my constituents. The three areas with the highest suicide rates in the country are in the Highlands and Islands and the thought of mental health declining even further due to the cost of living crisis is very worrying.

“Constituents recognised that this comes at a pivotal time where we desperately need powers of independence to curb the cost-of-living crisis, with one sharing “my problems are caused by UK Government policies and their complete disconnect from [us]’”. Roddick shared the results in further detail on social media, which you can find here