Highlands MSP says Minimum Income Guarantee will be key in eradicating poverty

SNP MSP Roddick has stated the importance of introducing a minimum income guarantee in Scotland, which would ensure nobody would fall under a set income level.

Asking the Scottish Government to provide an update on the work of the Minimum Income Guarantee Steering Group, Roddick stated:

“My region has some of the highest poverty levels in Scotland, which I fear will only get worse due to the rising cost of living. Introducing a minimum income guarantee is bold and ambitious, but I feel it is absolutely a proportionate response to this issue.

“I am glad to hear that a steering group has been formed and that steps are being taken to deliver this policy.

“Whilst the Scottish Government has been working to mitigate the fuel crisis through welfare payments and support grants, I believe a national approach to poverty is needed, including working with employers to support staff and allow them to live a poverty-free life, a minimum income guarantee would allow this.”