“We could hold 38 referendums for the same cost as one year of mitigating Tory cuts” says SNP MSP

Highlands and Islands MSP Emma Roddick has hit out at the Tories during a social care debate by highlighting the nominal cost of holding a referendum compared to the ever-increasing amount of money the Scottish Government has to spend mitigating Tory decisions like the Bedroom Tax.

Responding to an intervention by the Conservative group who claimed the projected referendum spend was a “waste of money”, she said:

“Over £770 million is being spent this year alone by the Scottish Government simply on mitigating harmful Tory welfare decisions down south; £770 million we could have spent on other things.  That’s what I call a waste of money.

“The estimated cost of a referendum next year is £20 million.  That means we could hold 38 referendums for the cost of mitigating one year of harmful Tory welfare policies like the bedroom tax – and have change left over for a Scottish Tory leadership election.”

She added:

“I think the Tories need to look at their own priorities before they shout down ours.  £20 million for the opportunity to make our own decisions and break away from awful welfare cuts and policies which are driving Scots into poverty seems like good value to me.”