SNP MSP calls out Labour Party on unrealistic spending demands

Emma Roddick has challenged the Labour Party on their demand for the Scottish Government to immediately end all non-residential social care charges in Scotland, claiming it to be unrealistic.

Commenting Roddick said:

“I strongly believe that all health services should be free and not based on your ability to pay or where you live. Representing the Highlands and Islands has shown me how important getting the National Care Service right is to people in Scotland, especially for those living in rural communities.  You can’t do that responsibly without proper consultation.

“Additionally, without further fiscal powers, Labour’s demands are simply non-tangible. The Scottish Government needs more autonomy in public spending decisions if it is going to act fast on social justice issues.

“If the Labour Party want the Scottish Government to make large spending decisions quickly, they should support the SNP in seeking more powers in this area and help make it a reality”