Local MSP Emma Roddick and the SNP candidate for Nairn and Cawdor in the upcoming elections, Paul Oldham, have written a joint letter to the Highland Council outlining the importance of Nairn Library remaining “accessible”, pressing for the authority to look into options to keep it in the town centre.

Emma Roddick recently met with Pam Bochel, who began a petition calling for the library to stay in the town in response to news that it may form part of the new Nairn Academy instead.

Emma said:

“It’s clear to me that there is a lot of concern within the Nairnshire community about the library being too out of the way for folk to keep visiting.

“I understand the thinking behind the proposal to move the library into the new school, however, the location is simply not accessible for so many of those who might want to use it. 

“Right now, local businesses and the library share a mutual benefit being close to each other.  I hope the Highland Council will listen to the local community on this.”

Paul Oldham added:

“I’m at a loss to understand why making people walk a mile and a half round trip from town to the library can be seen as a step forward given that many of our library users don’t drive and there is no public transport to the school site.

“I’m also concerned about the loss of footfall in the town centre and the effect this will have on local businesses. Library users will no longer be able to do things like combine a trip to the library with a tea and cake in a town café.”

The letter was sent to Donna Manson, Chief Executive, and also covers the work of local organisations such as Gaelic groups and Bookbugs who currently make use of the space in the town centre.