Emma Roddick MSP recently grabbed a shovel and went out to plant fruit trees with local volunteers at the Cemetery Brae Community Orchard in Nairn.

The local community has been involved in the project, which the SNP representative described as “wholesome”, to plant a great variety of fruit trees in the area.

Roddick said:

“It was great to get out in the fresh air and talk to the people involved about the varieties of fruit trees, and to hear about the community event where local people, families and children planted trees.  It was such a wholesome experience to be able to take part in this community effort, and it’s always a joy to see the passion that the people of Nairn have for their local area.

“There is a wealth of knowledge in the Highlands and I look forward to seeing these trees produce fruit for the local community. I truly believe that if you involve local people who have a stake in the area in the management of open spaces, they will look after nature and contribute to the sustainability of their environment.

“I’m looking forward to visiting my trees for years to come as they grow alongside those planted by the community.”

Local tree planter from Nairn Allotment’s Orchard Group Des Scholes added:

“The support for recent orchard plantings in Nairn has exceeded expectations and it is excellent to see local groups working together to build on the community enthusiasm to improve the local environment.  The potential for further activities based around a network of Nairnshire orchards is tremendous and will benefit both the environment and the community. 

“It’s fun, too, and it was delightful to see all the happy faces in what was a huge, colourful, inter-generational event.  We look forward to more of the same in the coming months and years.”