Emma Roddick MSP will visit the isles this week to campaign for local SNP candidates Robbie MacGregor, Shetland South, and Zara Pennington, Shetland West. 


She said:

“I am really looking forward to getting out on the doors to speak to people and help get our two amazing candidates elected to the Shetland Islands Council in May. 

“I am particularly keen to discuss a way forward with Robbie and Sara to help those most affected by the Tory cost of living crisis. As a local MSP and a member of the Social Justice and Social Security Committee, I hear constantly about how soaring energy prices, cuts to welfare, and the hike to National Insurance are causing stress, fear, and even danger. 

“The SNP has uprated devolved benefits by 6% and doubled the Scottish Child Payment in the last month.  We really are fighting the tide against UK cuts, but I will work with the SNP team on the SIC to get the best possible assistance for the isles.”