Roddick: greater funding for islands is an opportunity for economic autonomy

Emma, a young dark-haired woman, looks into the camera. The seafront is behind her with ships in the background. She is wearing a tartan face covering.
Emma Roddick MSP

SNP MSP Emma Roddick has praised Scottish Government work on the Island Communities Fund, noting that it poses a real opportunity for Scotland’s islands to become more economically sustainable and self-sufficient as the country recovers from the coronavirus pandemic.

Commenting, Roddick said:

“This is a time of change on Scotland’s islands. While they have faced some of the most catastrophic economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, with the decline of local tourism and other key industries, there is also a lot that their communities have learned from the past few years about self-sufficiency and community resilience. This is an experience we need to build on.

“With the Island Communities Fund, the Scottish Government is taking real action to support projects across our islands that foster such economic autonomy. From net zero projects in Shetland such as the Kergord Hatchery Bookshop, to the refurbishment of An Laimhrig Community Hub on Eigg, across Scotland’s islands we can see what can be achieved when the government and our communities work together.”