SNP MSP: Highland Council term ended on a “high note” as vote for active travel measures passes

Emma, a young woman with light brown hair, stands at the railings of Inverness castle. She is smiling while looking out over the city

Emma Roddick has spoken out about her last City of Inverness Area Committee meeting as a councillor, having been elected to the Scottish Parliament last year, during which a Road Traffic Order was agreed for the active travel measures at Riverside Way.

The now-MSP, who spoke in favour of the recommendations, highlighted the need for people to make their views known, explaining that councillors are “too often” swayed by those who shout the loudest.

She said:

“Far too often, we only hear from constituents when they’re angry about something, and that gives a very skewed impression of what public opinion is.

“It is consistently clear from our data that Invernessians do want to see better active travel infrastructure, so I am glad that my colleagues ended this term on a high note. I’m also glad that there is a commitment to carry on consulting and engaging with locals – there is always room for improvement.

“We are facing a climate emergency, and Scotland’s fastest-growing city cannot continue to prioritise vehicles over people.  Efforts like those shown by Kidical Mass Inverness and the people who wrote to councillors in support of the Riverside Way measures will drive the change we need to become a healthier, more sustainable, and more welcoming place.

“We have lost a lot of opportunities to improve the accessibility of our city in recent years, and I really hope that, within the new group of Inverness councillors to be elected in May, there are more people who will have the vision to take our city forward.”

The recommendations were put to a vote which was won 12-7, with two abstentions.