Local MSP to speak about mental health issues at Alan Goodwin talk

Highlands and Islands MSP Emma Roddick is planning to answer questions surrounding mental health in Scotland at Eden Court’s OneTouch Theatre on Thursday evening. The event, organised by local personal trainer Alan Goodwin, is part of a series of talks aiming to destigmatise mental illness through open discussion.

Emma Roddick, who will be supporting Mr Goodwin and taking part in a panel Q&A, said:

“Mental illness is still, unfortunately, a taboo topic which leads to barriers in access to care and prevents people seeking help. It is so close to my heart and I am therefore delighted to be taking part.

“Alan is an inspiration to many people, especially as a role model for young men who may feel shame around opening up about their emotions. I feel very privileged to be involved as I know how important this is to Alan and many others like him who have struggled with their mental health.”

The SNP MSP has been open about her own mental health issues, aiming to destigmatise her illness, and, in 2017, started a successful campaign to improve available mental health services from NHS24 helpline.

The ticketed event is being held on Thursday 3rd February at 7.30 pm in Inverness.