Islands MSP urges new Minister for Transport to back fixed links for Shetland

Emma, a young dark-haired woman, looks into the camera. The seafront is behind her with ships in the background. She is wearing a tartan face covering.
Emma Roddick MSP

SNP MSP Emma Roddick has wasted no time writing to the new Minister for Transport Jenny Gilruth, appointed on Tuesday, highlighting the importance of developing fixed links in Shetland.

Referring to the Scottish Government’s target of reaching net-zero by 2045, Roddick has reiterated the significant role that transport plays in these plans, saying:

“Fixed links have been long desired by those living in the islands.  Not only are they more environmentally sustainable, but they would economically benefit surrounding areas. Within the last two years, we have seen a huge increase in waiting times and ferry queues.  We are sitting on a chance to address this and we need to take it.”

“If tunnels were to replace some of our ferries, we would already be heading in the right direction for our net-zero goal. Scotland is world-leading in so many ways, but now we need to think creatively about our transport emissions.  I believe fixed links development is long overdue in the region and I will continue to push on this issue.”