Highlands and Islands MSP welcomes “tide change” in renewable energy production

SNP MSP Emma Roddick has welcomed new funding which will allow construction of offshore wind farms in 17 lots just off the Scottish coastline, including in 11 lots around the Highlands and Islands.

Around £1 billion in investment is expected for every 1gw of capacity proposed helping make a just energy transition a reality.

Commenting, Roddick said:

“This is a tide change in the journey to net zero, and tangible evidence of the SNP Government’s commitment to the fight against climate catastrophe – in marked contrast to the Tories at Whitehall, who have betrayed Scotland in that fight by their failure to support a promising carbon capture and storage project in the North East.

“I’m particularly happy that 11 projects have been selected for my region of the Highlands and Islands. Not only do offshore wind projects help us move towards a sustainable society and generate clean electricity for domestic use, but they also bring valuable, highly-skilled job opportunities and billions of pounds in investment to our communities across the Highlands and Islands.”