WATCH: SNP MSP Emma Roddick hits out at “insincere” Tories

Watch the intervention here.

SNP MSP Emma Roddick has hit back at a Tory intervention on her speech in support of the Scotland Loves Local Fund, describing them as “insincere”.

Conservative MSP Douglas Lumsden intervened on her speech to claim that the Scottish Government had been there too long and wasn’t doing enough to support local businesses.

Roddick, Scotland’s youngest MSP, responded:

“We have had an SNP Scottish Government for a long time. We’ve also had a Tory UK Government for a long time – a UK Government which won’t give Scotland the fiscal powers to implement the policies the member is arguing for.

Following the debate, she added:

“The insincerity of the Tories in blaming the Scottish Government for areas they know their own party is hoarding powers for in London is as baffling as it is outrageous.

“If they are serious about the Scottish Government needing to do more to help businesses, surely they should back further powers being devolved in order to open up more options to do just that?”