Local MSP Emma Roddick welcomes record health investment in islands

Emma, a young dark-haired woman, looks into the camera. The seafront is behind her with ships in the background. She is wearing a tartan face covering.
Emma Roddick MSP

Local MSP Emma Roddick has welcomed record investment in Scotland’s NHS, including £57 million for NHS Shetland and £57.1 million for NHS Orkney.

The Scottish Government Budget confirmed £18 billion for Health and Social Care, including £12.9 billion for health boards through the pandemic and to accelerate the recovery of vital services. 

The Budget also supports the creation of a new National Care Service – the single greatest public health reform since the establishment of the NHS.

Scotland’s Finance Secretary Kate Forbes also outlined:

  • £1.6 investment in social care, including £846.6 million for local government
  • £61 million to address the tragedy of drugs deaths
  • £290 million investment in mental health, including £120 million for our Mental Health Recovery and Renewal Fund
  • Additional funding of £559 million for NHS Boards
  • Funding of £232 million to address waiting times and supporting National Treatment Centres

SNP MSP Emma Roddick said:

“The Scottish Government’s Budget commits £18 billion for Health and Social Care this year – that’s the highest investment in the history of the Scottish Parliament.

“Prioritising the NHS was a key commitment of the SNP in May’s election, so I’m delighted to see the SNP Scottish Government delivering on this commitment despite a challenging financial outlook.

“In Shetland, the Scottish Government has committed £57 million to the local NHS board – an increase of almost three million on last year’s Budget.

“Orkney has seen a commitment of £57.1 million, again, an increase of almost three million.

“This year, Scotland’s block grant has no COVID consequentials from the UK government – meaning when COVID spending is included, our budget decreased from last year. Prioritising health and social care is absolutely the right thing to do – but it means difficult decisions elsewhere in Scotland’s budget.

“Scotland doesn’t have the powers to borrow for our pandemic response under Westminster control, so the UK Government must now deliver new money to aid Scotland’s fight against COVID”