Emma Roddick MSP promotes freight transport by rail

Emma Roddick MSP has emphasised the importance of promoting freight by rail in parliament today, questioning the Scottish Government on whether this had been fully considered in the development of the second phase of Strategic Transport Projects Review 2 (STPR2) which determines which transport projects in Scotland will be prioritised for funding.

Roddick has been pressing for the doubling of the Highland Main Line and improvements to the Far North Line, claiming this would make moving freight long distances by rail more attractive.

Roddick said:

“It is imperative that we fund, expand, and utilise our vital rail connections.

“Doubling the Highland Main Line and improving the Far North Line would both be better for the planet and create a wealth of opportunities within the region.

“Pushing for the decarbonisation of transport is important to me during my time as an MSP. I am pleased that the Minister for Transport agrees that promoting freight by rail is a priority in Scotland and I look forward to more detail in the weeks to come”.

STPR2 is expected to be published early next year following a consultation period.