Emma Roddick MSP reacts to prison overdoses tripling in five years

Emma stands in Parliament giving a speech. Her hands are together in front of her body. Her expression is determined.

Emma Roddick MSP has expressed grave concerns over troubling information, regarding ambulance calls to prison overdoses tripling in five years.

The figures released by the Scottish Ambulance Service show that between 62 and 89 calls were made in 2020-2021 and that this is up from 24 to 33 calls in 2016/17.

Roddick has reacted:

“The rise in prison overdoses is deeply concerning.

“Scotland has unacceptably high numbers of annual drug-related deaths and we have to consider all routes to tackling this issue.

“Last week I visited an organisation in the Shetland Isles called Dogs Against Drugs.

“There I discussed not only detection of drugs entering the Isles and reaching vulnerable members of the community but also the importance of looking at the underlying issues of trauma, poverty, adversity, and lack of support and understanding.

“These factors are key to tackling the core issues, the removal of stigma, and are imperative in helping people to heal and regain a better quality of life.

“I believe we must ensure we do everything possible to prevent further suffering and find the best way to look at the surrounding health and social issues involved with drug misuse”.