Emma Roddick MSP for Highlands and Islands ‘frustrated’ by proposed changes to Scotland’s electoral map

Emma Roddick has expressed grave concerns due to current discussions regarding the proposed alterations to Scotland’s electoral map which would see troubling changes made to the Highland area.

These talks are ongoing via consultation, public hearings, and MP debate. The suggested changes would mean a major shift for constituents in many areas across Scotland including dramatic changes to the Highland region.

The current set of Westminster boundaries have been in place since 2005 when Scotland dropped from 72 constituencies down to 59.

Speaking on this subject, Roddick says:

“These current proposals are crude and do not consider, or have any added benefit, to what is best for many areas including the Highlands.

“The Lib Dems can’t absolve themselves of any blame given the rules they introduced are what forced the monstrosities that are Highland North, Highland Central, and Highland East and Elgin into being.

“When you put arbitrary limits on geography and electorate above communities and logic with no regard for areas like the Highlands, this is the result.  

“My hope is that the Highlands never have to elect parliamentarians on these ridiculous boundaries because Scotland will be independent by the time they’re introduced”.