Emma Roddick MSP calls for unheard voices to speak out on short term lets consultation

Highlands and Islands MSP Emma Roddick is calling for everyone affected by the lack of affordable housing in their communities to speak out on the issues they are facing in finding decent affordable housing in the areas they live and work in.

The MSP has claimed oversaturation short-term lets is linked to the housing crisis, with Shelter Scotland reporting that one in three adults are now impacted by what they call the “housing emergency”.

Roddick said:

“In my work, I see constituents struggling so much with housing, facing homelessness, and increasing debt. We need to hear from the people most affected by increasing numbers of residential properties being converted to short-term lets.

“Families with young children, young people, care workers, teachers, and low paid workers are finding it harder than ever to find a home with rising rents and shrinking availability. 

“The tourism lobby and landlords are always very vocal in writing to their MSPs and making their views heard – it is important we hear the other side of the story.

“I urge everyone who has struggled with housing availability, rising rents, or the effects of living around lots of AirBnBs to respond to the consultation, too.”

The Local Government, Housing, and Planning Committee consultation is open to responses until the 29th of October 2021 [LINK HERE]