WATCH: Emma Roddick speaks up for carers in Parliament

In the Stage 1 debate on the Carer’s Allowance Supplement (Scotland) Bill, which aims to double the winter payment of CAS this year, Emma Roddick highlighted the importance of giving money straight to carers to help them weather a perfect storm of Universal Credit cuts, the end of furlough, and rising fuel prices.

Speaking in Parliament on Thursday, Roddick said:

“The Carers Allowance Supplement is a step in the right direction towards supporting unpaid carers in Scotland.

“Unpaid carers, the majority of which are women, do not often choose to take on caring commitments, instead doing it out of necessity.

“This bill will mean over £230 goes into the pockets of individual carers this winter, which will give many the security of not having to choose between putting food on the table or keeping the lights on.

“With this Bill, the Scottish Government is showing its commitment to a fairer Scotland based on security, dignity and respect – much to the contrary of the UK Government’s cuts.”

Watch a clip of the contribution below: