WATCH: “Homelessness shouldn’t be a fact of life” says Emma Roddick MSP

Still taken from video. Emma Roddick, a 24yo with shoulder-length dark hair and glasses on, stands behind a lectern in the Scottish Parliament debating chamber giving a speech.

Highlands and Islands MSP Emma Roddick spoke in Parliament yesterday in support of the Scottish Government’s commitment to preventing homelessness.

Roddick stated:

“I am heartened by the Scottish Government’s commitment to preventing homelessness. Homelessness shouldn’t simply be a fact of life in twenty-first century Scotland.

“Homelessness is a symptom of many things and is inextricably linked with poverty. I don’t think people realise how often poverty is predetermined. 

“Nobody blames a child for living in a poor household, but, when that child grows up, folk start to blame the person who didn’t get the same educational opportunities as them, doesn’t have savings, and couldn’t afford to learn to drive, for the situation they inherited.

“The measures detailed in the Programme for Government were developed with input from those with lived experience of homelessness and, according to Crisis, hold the potential to make Scotland a ‘world-leader in homelessness prevention’.

“It is clear to me that this Programme for Government has made preventing homelessness a priority and I look forward to scrutinising its detailed proposals as a member of the Social Justice and Social Security Committee.”

Watch the contribution below: