Roddick Announces Local Hero Nomination as Volunteer First Responder Michael O’Neill

A training dummy is receiving chest compressions from one volunteer while another stabilises it's head. Breathing apparatus has been applied to the dummy.

Emma Roddick, MSP for the Highlands and Islands, has announced the nomination of Alness resident Michael O’Neill as the Local Hero from the region. O’Neill has done invaluable work in the Highlands; setting up Alness First Responders, a volunteer group who attend 999 calls to provide urgent care before an ambulance arrives. The group, now named Emergency Community Rescue, has since branched out to assisting in search and rescue operations, community safeguarding, and transporting blood donations from Inverness to Caithness.

Discussing the nomination, Roddick said:

“I am delighted to put forward Michael as the Local Hero for the Highlands and Islands. His contribution to our communities is immeasurable.

Emergency Community Rescue provides a vital service to bridge the gap in rural emergency care. Especially vital during the pandemic, this group is saving lives and supporting our NHS. Michael’s efforts within our region cannot be understated.”

Local Heroes will attend the Opening Ceremony for the Scottish Parliament, virtually or in person, to mark the beginning of the new session. The ceremony will take place on Saturday 2nd of October.

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