Roddick welcomes National Care Service plans as public consultation launched

A public consultation will be launched this week to gather input from people with day-to-day experience of social care, in order to inform plans for the new National Care Service proposed by the Scottish Government. The new service aims to deliver a standard of care across the whole of Scotland, regardless of where in the country service users reside. 

Creation of the National Care service is designed to empower both service users and staff, with plans to reform the current system on an unprecedented scale. Current proposals aim to give people control over their own care, ensure standards of care are high and to provide care workers with fair pay and working environments.

MSP for Highlands and Islands Emma Roddick has welcomed this consultation, saying:

“Health and social care in Scotland is an area I am passionate about. As someone who has experienced the current system, I am happy to see reform towards a person-centred approach and better support for care workers.”

She went on to reinforce the importance of responding, stating:

“It is vital that people in the Highlands and Islands with experience of care give their views. We live in a unique environment, often with little choice in or control over the services we can access. By responding to this consultation, we can ensure that our residents experience the same standard of care as those in the rest of the country.”

The first consultation event will take place on Monday 16th of August 2021, with further events scheduled though September and October, the dates of which can be found on the Scottish Government’s website.