Local MSP seeks support for 17 year olds in Scotland who are going to Uni and are not included in the 3 months until 18 vaccination criteria

Emma Roddick MSP asked the First Minister today what the options were for Scottish University students who are only 17 and not due the Covid vaccination yet. She asked, following the First Minister stating that further guidance from the JCVI was due in regards to this. Roddick asked:

‘I appreciate the information that has been given so far on forthcoming JCVI advice on vaccinating under 18’s. Can I also ask the First Minister if the advice expected in the next day or so dose recommend expanding the vaccine programme to include students, whether every student will be offered a first dose before they start university in September?’

This topic was prevalent in the questions to the First Minister today and she acknowledged the importance of this issue. The First Minister said:

‘I absolutely understand the importance of these things, but I’ve said we are expecting JCVI advice, obviously I have to wait and see what that advise says’

‘I am hoping there will be a priority for 16 and 17 year olds for the reasons that we understand, but I don’t know it may be that the JCVI decides to recommend some other approach. So before getting into commitments to date, we need to see what that advise is.’

She went on to insist that ‘What I can say is that we will move to operationalise and implement any new recommendations as quickly as we can.’

Ms. Roddick was pleased to hear that more guidance for this important age group is forthcoming and by the First Minister insistence that guidance would be acted on quickly.