Local MSP celebrates new Act after visiting SSPCA in Inverness

Emma and Hamish the Westie

Highlands and Islands MSP Emma Roddick was delighted to be shown around the SSPCA in Inverness to meet some of the animals they are currently looking after and to talk about new legislation and the positive impact it will have on the rehoming of animals. 

While at the centre, Emma learned of the various welfare concerns that the SSPCA has and the difficulties they face caring for animals in temporary refuge – issues addressed by the Animals and Wildlife (Penalties, Protections and Powers) (Scotland) Act passed by the Scottish Government last year. 

Emma said:

“It was wonderful to get out and see how much work the local SSPCA put in to caring for animals in the Highlands; both pets and wildlife. 

“I particularly enjoyed meeting Hamish the Westie and learning about his journey; from arriving at the centre in very poor condition to becoming a happy, friendly dog who is soon to be rehomed thanks to their wonderful care.

“However, other animals are waiting for court orders before they can find their forever home.

“It is clear that the new Act is going to make a massive difference to the SSPCA’s ability to use their own judgement and do best by the animals who need them.”

The new act means that Inspectors and Constables can re-home and treat animals without needing to wait for a court order. 

It will have a positive impact on the Inverness centre who have many “temporary refuge” animals in their care. 

There are still many animals looking for homes at the centre. Please visit scottishspca.org to find out more about the charity’s work and available animals. 

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